This FAQ page aims to provide you with answers to questions you might have about our service but if you have any further questions or suggestions please contact us.


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Q: What is GP Wanted & who are we?

A: Is a service provided to GP Practices & Locums in New Zealand to display GP Locums wanted or available in each area of the New Zealand.

We are GPs like you who realised the need for a site like this in New Zealand.

Q: Why use GP Wanted?

A: For GP Practices it provides at a glance locums available in your region.

You can list GPs locums, practice nurses or other staff wanted, just tell us the area and details of your locum requirements.

For GP Locums you can easily list your availability.

Just tell us when and where you want to work and we will list your availability to GP practices in the appropriate area.

Q: Do you provide a service for longer term or for future GP Locums?

A: Yes. We provide adverts for long term or short term positions.

Your ad will be placed in the category according to urgency so please indicate this in the advert.

Q: How soon will my ad be placed on the website?

A: We aim to have the advert on the site as soon as possible.

Q: What is the best way to get a locum using this site?

A: Please provide us with as much information you have about the locum you want for your practice or about yourself. That way, those looking at the advert can be better informed. That way they are more likely to contact you for more information.

Q: Can I be supplied with a list of GPs wanted/available in my area?

A: We don’t currently provide this service but should the demand grow we could provide a newsletter with current vacancies. This could be sent out to doctors who have agreed to receive this or who have agreed their details can be sent out.

Remember we never sell or disclose your information to anyone else. We value your privacy.

Contact us if you want any further information or can help you in some other way.