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Useful resources for Busy GPs
Keep coming back as we’ll keep updating this site to provide you the most useful links all on one page. If you have found a website that you found useful tell us so we can share it.

Everyday Useful Sites

GP Notebook UK based GP diagnosis & management
Derm Net NZ NZ Dermatology resource for images & management
Your Heart Forecast 
Pictoral to show patients risks for cardiovascular disease based on their health. Will also show the patient if they stop smoking, lower BP etc what difference will make to their CVD risk.

Alternative Medicines Advice Bandolier Evidence Based Medicine website about alternative/complementary therapies

Gestational age calculator Calculate mother’s current gestation based on LMP
Pathology results intrepretation Royal College of Pathologists website. Click on appropriate letter for test performed.
Labtests Online Useful resource for patients wanting to find out about their blood results.
Management of Common Infections in General Practice by GP Dept in Auckland

Best Treatments UK BMJ resource to advise patients best treatments for numerous conditions evidence based
ACC Clinical Guidelines Some of ACC’s Clinical Guidelines in PDF.
Diagnostic MedLab Handbook Useful Lab tests information How to collect samples etc. Now unavailable online call 571 4000
Health Authorities

POAK Primary Option for Acute Care
Auckland Service to help with outpatient treatments for Dehydration in Children, Unwell Child, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Adult Cellulitis, Kidney Stones, Investigation of DVT, Kidney Stones

Drug Information Sites
Drug safety in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding How safe are drugs during pregnancy guide by Dept Health in Australia
Drug Information Line 0800 3784 4636 Drug information line for health professionals eg drugs in pregnancy, breastfeeding, kidney diease etc
Pharmac Search Schedule Search pharmac’s database for subsidised drugs
Medsafe Datasheets for drugs available in New Zealand

Poisons Unit 0800 764 766 New Zealand’s National Poison Database contact

Party Drugs Guide By CADS in NZ

Family Doctor New Zealand NZ based resource for a number of conditions
Family Practice Notebook Similar to GP Notebook but US based with interesting Dietician in Box feature
Patient Information Websites
Patient UK Patient Handouts: Print out or give patient website address
Better Health Victoria Patient information for conditions & tests
Health Education brochures Ministry of Health NZ booklet search site to order practice brochures
BPAC leaflet ordering page
Health Promotion
RedBook Preventative Health Guidelines (5Mb Download PDF) from RACGP
NZ Hospital Guidelines
Starship Hospital Clinical Guidelines Guidelines for paediatrics in NZ
KidsHealth Information site on number of paediatric conditions
Medical Fitness to Drive Booklet NZ LTSA downloadable booklet it can’t find in practice

Speciality Guidelines or handbooks
Clinical Guidelines
NZ Guidelines Group
NICE Guidelines National Institute of Clinical Excellence. UK Clinical guidelines
NHS Clinical Answers UK UK Medical Advice site for doctorsPaediatrics

Immunisation schedule NZ schedule at a glance
Royal College of O&G UK Guidelines
UK Gynaecology Protocols From UK. Maybe useful for seeing what protocols are in use elsewhere.
Mood GYM Online CBT for depressed or anxious patients from Australia
Depression PHQ-9 questionnaire Screening for patients with depression download this form (could scan into notes to see how improving)
Edinburgh PostNatal Depression ScaleQuestionnaire assessing those with postnatal depression
GAD 7 Anxiety Questionnaire To assess level of anxiety.
E-Couch Online Self Help from Australia for Anxiety Disorders “google ecouch”Mental Health Foundation For patient info & library, resource & more
Psychiatry Crisis Team Contact Numbers Around the country
Cognitive Assessment Tool Australian Based Online Cognitive Assessment Tool

American Heart Association Patient Information Useful Patient info
Cardiology Pictures & Animations Useful pictures/animation to explain about angina, AF, BP etc
British Heart Foundation Booklets Booklets on a number of conditions
Family Planning NZ Booklets For OCP, Depo, Condoms, STIs, POP
ENT UK Useful Patient Information & handouts on number of ENT conditions
Specific Conditions Resources
COPD From How to treat Guide
Travel Medicine Sites
CDC US Based travel medicine site based on Centre for Disease Control latest info
Fit for Travel UK based travel medicine site v useful with maps of malaria risk
CDC Travel Health Kit Advice re what to carry on trips abroad
WHO Disease Distribution MapsShows where diseases (eg polio, dengue) are in the world at bottom of page
Evidence Based Medicine

Best Bets
Searchable Database of evidence based answers to real life clinical scenarios Click on databaseSites to gain RNZCGP CME pointsfor MOPS or AVE
BPACNZ Based evidence based medicine site with CME
BMJ Learning Free sign up if subscriber with NZ Royal College of GPs
Goodfellow Unit Auckland University based Goodfellow CMEUS WebsitesAmerican Family Physician American Peer Review GP journal
eMedicine US Based online medical reference

Journal Websites


Other Sites

Bones of body

University of Auckland Useful Links


Health Translation Directory Useful for foreign language info sheets with a number of languages available for areas ranging from Acne to Women’s Health.

USEFUL APPS for iPhone

iResus An app provided for Resus of patients Read the Article.
Best Health Apps for iPhone by Guardian newspaper for your patient



Australian Based information on range of health topics & conditions

Australian Consumers’ Health Forum
Advice for patients visiting online sites & factsheets and useful links for Australian sites

Health Talk Online
UK site where people talk about their experiences of different conditions & treatment.

Informed Health Online Evidence Based site on conditions

Discern Provides a questionnaire to assess the quality of information online for consumers.

CASP Critical Appraisal Skills Programme works with consumer organisations to provide basic skills to crtically evaluate medical literature.

National Institute of Health
US site for consumers

MedlinePlus Health information from largest medical library

Therapeutics Initiative
Up to date EBM on rational drug therapy

Public Library of Science Free access to Peer reviewed journals

Cochrane Collaboration

Journal Watch

WONCA Global Family Doctor


National Prescribing Service
Australian based site


Skin Biopsy Techniques
Suturing techniques
Langer’s Lines for suturing techniqueEndocrinology

Diabetes Best Test from Bpac
, useful resource for testing for diabetes


FBC Interpretation from Bpac

INR Monitoring & Adjustment from Bpac

Faecal Testing guidelines with diarrhoea from bpac 1 Specimen & 50% cases clear up in 2 days & 80% in 4days.Coeliacs Testing guide to which best testLFTs Best Test by BpacGynaecology

Update on Cervical Screening
Useful information about LBC & referring over 30s with low grade changes

Women’s Health Action– NZ Based info site


TIA Guidelines for Referral from Southlink. Useful resource for need to refer & TIA clinic template.
Diagnosis & Management of Headache BMJ article


Acute Asthma Algorithm for Adults NZ Guideline Group
Chronic Asthma Algorithm for Adults NZGG

Acute & Chronic Asthma in Children
NZGG From p29 for Acute

Asthma Questionnaire for Patients
Asthma Checklist Questions to ask.

Peak flow Chart for recording values
Peak Flow Chart & Symptom Diary
Peak Flow Predicted Calculator for Adults Based on Sex, Age & Height.
Peak Flow Predicted for Children Based on Height.


Should you be tested for Prostate Cancer Patient information sheet
Prostate Cancer: GP show card for decisions to test for prostate cancer Australian Cancer Society
Prostate Cancer National Screening Unit
Chronic Kidney Disease PDF File When to refer those with worsening kidney function.

Contraception Starting Pill for 1st Time Includes contraindications missed pill advice etc
Family Planning NZ Pamplets Print out for patient if not on hand

Palliative Care

Palliative Care Handbook by Nurse Maude. Online Handbook of regular palliative care problems.

Health News Sites for New Zealand

NewsTalk ZB Health News
TVNZ Health News
NZ Herald News

Best Tests

Diabetes Best Test from Bpac
, useful resource for testing for diabetes
Diabetes NZ Resource Page Useful leaflets for patients including a food guide with traffic lights system.


FBC Interpretation from Bpac

INR Monitoring & Adjustment from Bpac

Faecal Testing guidelines with diarrhoea from bpac 1 Specimen & 50% cases clear up in 2 days & 80% in 4days.
Coeliacs Testing guide to which best test
LFTs Best Test by BpacGynaecology

Update on Cervical Screening
Useful information about LBC & referring over 30s with low grade changes


COPD Acute exacerbation COPD by bpac